Access to Computational Infrastructure

Description of the infrastructure: HPC

BSC: A general purpose cluster composed of 165,488 Intel Platinium cores in 3,456 nodes, with more than 394TB of main memory and 25PB of storage.

CIEMAT: 1 cluster with 680 Intel Gold cores and 456 Xeon Phi cores, 1 cluster of ~100,000 Nvidia cores, two cloud nodes with ~ 950 CPU cores and more than 1 PB of storage.

CEDIA: 12 computing nodes with 322 Intel Xeon cores,  1TB RAM & 6TB of storage. Also, 5760 CUDA cores.

CeNAT-UCR: Several clusters with 72 Xeon cores, ~25,000 Nvidia cores and ~1450 Xeon Phi cores.

CINVESTAV: SGI ICE-XA (CPU) and SGI ICE-X (GPU) with 8,900 cores (Rmax of 429 Tflops). Lustre Seagate ClusterStor 9000 storage of 1 PB.

CSC-CONICET: One cluster of 4,096 AMD Opteron cores and 16,384 Nvidia cores with 8,192 GB of RAM and 72TB of storage.

UDELAR: Cluster of 29 nodes with 576 cores and 1.28 TB of RAM, and 128 Xeon Phi cores with 16 GB of RAM

UIS: One cluster of 24 nodes (2,4GHz and 16GB RAM) and once cluster with 128 NVIDIA FERMI Tesla (104 GB of RAM and 4 Intel Haskwell processors).

UFRGS: One cluster with 256 nodes and 19,968 Nvidia cores.

UNIANDES: One cluster with 1,808 cores with HT (8 TB RAM) jointly with 160 TB of storage.

Access Rules: HPC

The rules for access to RICAP supercomputer infrastructure are made through open and competitive calls with a deadline for submission of proposals. Such calls will be publicized by RICAP through all possible means.

The rules for requesting computational resources are found in each of the calls published on this website.


First call

  • Applications must be sent by e-mail to with the following subject: Request for the first call of RICAP HPC resources.
  • Rules.
  • Deadline for submission of proposals: October, 15th 2017.
  • Date for resolution of the call: October, 31st 2017.
  • Foreseen days for the use of the resource: From November, 1st 2017 to Nov, 30th 2017.
  • Final report of the results of the call.