Training material

Resource manager

Libraries and languages

  • MPI Tutorial (POP)

Part 01

Part 02

Part 03


  • OpenMP Tutorial (POP)

Part 01

Part 02

Part 03


Getting Performance from OpenMP Programs on NUMA Architectures (POP webinar)

  • Python tutorial

RAR file

  • Performance tools

Cube (Tutorial, User guide, Metrics)

Dimemas (Tutorial)

Extrae (Tutorial, User guide)

Paraver (Tutorial, User guide)

Scalasca (Tutorial, User guide, Patterns)

Score-P (Tutorial)

Computer Science

  • RICAP solutions for an efficient use ofcomputational infrastructures

Deliverable D4

  • Scheduling and management of HPC and HTC resources

Oral presentation

  • Dynamic migration of tasks by means of checkpointing and fault tolerance techniques

ECAR 2017
Integration of the checkpointing library DMTCP into the Slurm resource manager (video in Spanish - video in English)

  • Parallel performance

How to Improve the Performance of Parallel Codes (POP webinar)

Artificial Intelligence

ECAR 2017

Project Presentations

  • Network presentations

Supercomputing 2017 (November, 2017)
CYTED Meeting (October, 2017)
CARLA Conference (September 2017)
TICAL Conference (July 2017)

  • Dissemination material

Network deliverable template

Network poster template

Network presentation template

  • AUP

HPC infrastructure

HTC cloud infrastructure

Project Publications

List of works carried out with RICAP resources